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Interpreting Services

Face to Face interpreting from English to Polish language and vice versa. Remote CVP online and video conferencing are also available. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Certified Translation

Fully Certified document translation within Legal, Public and Private Sectors. Service approved by UK Public Service standards, following the government guideline. 

Telephone Interpreting

Polish Interpreting on the Telephone offers an immediate solution for your Polish client to receive a fair and accurate understanding of the English language.

Quality and accuracy is paramount

As an independent translator, I strive to deliver an excellent service and offer face-to-face interpreting and document translations that are reliable, accurate and confidential.  I certify my translations with an original signature and a stamp including my registration number and  official identity. 

I interpret for Devon and Cornwall Police, National Probation Service, UK Courts, HM Prisons, NHS, Private Solicitor’s Firms and Barrister’s Chambers. All interpreting can be completed face-to-face or remotely via Video link - according to current government guidelines.

I have extended experience in delivering audio transcription services if required.

"Quality is determined by accuracy, it builds trust and credibility"  - P. Clopet.

Providing Services since 2012

I started www.polishpen.co.uk in 2012 as a continuation of my interest in the English Legal System through my work with the UK Police and the Ministry of Justice. In 2013 I became a member of ITI, the UK’s biggest association for practising professional Translators and Interpreters. In 2018 I joined the National Register of Public Service Interpreters in the UK, and just recently I became a member of APCI (The Association of Police and Court Interpreters in London). I have Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Business and Marketing in Polish and DPSI - Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Law).

Together with my professional qualifications and 9 years of  experience in the Private and Public Sectors, I offer extended Interpreting and Translation Service in the South West of England (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Avon), and Wales and Poland.

In respect to document translation service, which is not location-specific, I carry out various document translations communicating online, via: info@polishpen.co.uk.


T: 07765 855128