Translation Service

Document / Personal Translations

Whether you need to translate a single page, a certificate or a personal document, I am here to assist you.

My Certified Translation Service is fully compliant in the UK and includes accredited declaration by the NRPSI, original signature of the translator (Paulina Clopet) and a stamp including my registration number and professional identities. 

I am fully qualified (DPSI - Law) and quality checked linguist. I offer translations that contain true rendering of one language to another, based on original documents presented to me. I pride myself in following professional linguistic code of conduct with work that is accurately delivered to a deadline.

My certified document translation service is sufficient for all official use within UK organisations.


'We have used Ms Paulina Clopet's services as an interpreter and translator and have always found that she delivers a high quality service. She is hard working and is easy to contact. In times of emergencies she has made herself available which has been extremely helpful to the firm and our clients. We would use Ms Clopet again.'

D. Johnson, Graceland Solicitors, London 

'Paulina translated a technical, medical document for a client quickly and accurately. This was essential to support our service in assisting this client with getting appropriate treatment for her child'. We would use again”.
Elizabeth Wozniak, Babcock LDP

'We have used Mrs Clopet’s services on few occasions, to translate contract and high importance employment documentation. We found her professional and reliable and would definitely recommend her service, which follows high standards and efficiency'.

Mrs J. Luxton, OMP Devon, UK    

Document translation

The document translations I offer, includes:

  • Personal Document Translations: Diplomas, Academic Certificates, Driving Licence, Birth & Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Medical letters and Report, Insurance claims
  • Public Sector Document Translations: Criminal and Probation reports, Police, Witness and victim statements, Medical and Academic reports
  • Business Translations: websites, emails, commercial literature and leaflets, business presentations, contracts, codes of conduct, marketing literature, to include press and social media

For more information or with a specific translation query email:

Business Translations

Due to expand of the Economic Globalisation, the demands  for business translation have significantly increased. We are faced with a world-wide market for linguistic translation services.

Whether your company needs to translate a single page, a thick user manual, or a presentation for a conference, I will be glad to assist you. I will quote your project with urgency and respond quickly to your requests. I pride myself in delivering high-quality, effective translations, while offering prices that are among the most competitive in the industry.

Polish Website can interest thousands of potential customers from all around the world. The power of your online presence, offers another dimension and a great opportunity to international marketing. Having your website translated in another language makes it possible for your company to reach new markets and businesses. Dual language website is the key to your global marketing.

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language presented by text by means of an equivalent target-language presented in written appearance (text). Translator’s work lays in understanding the source-language idiom and being able to transform it into the target-language in written form. 

Driven by professionalism and in depth knowledge of Polish customs and traditions, I will ensure that my translation is accurate and delivered on time.

To arrange Translation Service, please email: